What is a Hybrid Telephone System

A hybrid telephone system combines traditional telephone systems with newer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
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What is a Hybrid Telephone System

A hybrid telephone system combines a traditional telephone system using traditional local telephone lines to route local calls but route other more expensive calls over the internet.

Hybrid telephone systems offer a variety of features from system to system. The ESI telephone system includes integrated voice mail, call record, intercom functionality, Caller ID, call forwarding just to name a few. A hybrid ESI business class telephone system can be purchased without the VoIP capabilities but can be activated at a future date.

The primary benefit of a hybrid telephone system is the ability to route calls over the internet using VoIP technology. The calls can be an additional station on the system or a long distance call. Hybrid systems increase productivity by allowing transfer of calls between extensions both in the office and at remote locations. Internet Bandwidth at both locations is critical when using offsite extensions. Using the VoIP technology bypasses long distance carriers.

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