VoIP Overview

IP (VoIP) is easier to manage, less expensive to install and maintain, and offers greater flexibility.
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VoIP Overview

Someday, all telephone systems will operate over data lines. Why? Because voice over IP (VoIP) is easier to manage, less expensive to install and maintain, and offers greater flexibility in connecting remote locations. With a network-based IP phone system, you can send voice and data simultaneously on the same line. You can say goodbye to many long-distance charges. Best of all, you can work smarter, using a host of cutting-edge capabilities that blend voice and data to boost your productivity.

The mere fact that a prospect’s network currently supports the prospect’s computer data doesn’t mean the network also can support an IP Phone system. If the network is inadequate, you should include upgrading the network (or otherwise remedying the problem) as part of the installation proposal. Performing network analysis before proposing the system will help you avoid installing an IP Phone system and receiving complaints of the system’s poor audio performance, only to discover later that the problem really was because the network hadn’t been properly upgraded to handle the additional traffic.

The expense of upgrading a network up-front is minor, compared to the trouble and effort of diagnosing an overloaded network, later, after a customer is experiencing problems.

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