Presence Management

Would you like to track staff's entry or exit? How about making certain office areas available to approved personal?
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Presence Management

What is the meaning of Presence? Is it the fact of being present or the actual person that is present? How about Management? What does it mean to you? Maybe it is the act of managing: the conducting or supervising – as in business. Put the two words together and the meaning translates to “supervising actual person’s present”.

Now you may ask how this relates to business telephone systems? ESI Business Communication Telephone systems integrates RF scanning technology into the system with a hardware/software solution known as “ESI Presence Management”. Although the basic use of this application is for entry and exit applications, using a simple doorphone solution, Present Management offers optional live video monitoring, personal call routing, access control, and documented tracking of users’ work hours and attendance history.

If you are looking for a fully integrated business telephone system that you can deliver beyond expectations look no further. ESI Business Communication telephone systems is here for you.

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