Call Handling for a Medical Practice

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Call Handling for a Medical Practice

Is your incoming telephone traffic heavy? Do waiting patients get in quickly? Is there other medical professionals on staff? Is there more than one doctor is your practice? These are just a few questions involved in making a decision regarding the right choice for a new telephone system.

Staff members are often busy fielding incoming call. Have you considered an auto attendant that can route callers to the department that can handle their needs quicker and more efficiently? There are other options on the ESI telephone system such as “flexible ringing plans” and informational mailboxes. Informational mailboxes efficiently handle repetitive request such as phone numbers and directions. ESI telephone systems also offer Q&A mailboxes that can handle calls that require patient interaction. Typically used for prescription refills. By assigning “Virtual Mailbox” keys to multiple stations staff members are visually notified that a message is waiting.

In practices where incoming traffic is especially heavy, the right choice may be automatic call distribution(ACD). With theESI Communication Server telephone systems the ACD is an integrated feature.

It’s becoming more common for medical practices to maintain multiple offices. To control cost it’s a good idea to centralize many of the business aspect of the practice. such as: Answering; Appointment desk; Billing Department; Insurance office. Having these functions centralized, its easy to provide telephone service to the new office by deploying one or moreRemote IP Feature Phones . They provide identical functionality as those in the main location; dialing out, receiving inbound calls, voice mail, virtual answering, paging to either location, ACD, and virtually every other standard feature of the selected ESI platform. Once a VOIP telephone systems implemented in the main system to support the new remote office, this opens the possibility of installing Remote phones in the doctor’s residence, vacation home, hospital office or any other location where broadband internet access is available.

ESI systems provide the 9 1 1 Alert function, which forces the last line to disconnect if someone dials 9 1 1 during an “all-trunks-busy” situation – so it’s always possible to reach emergency assistance.

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