Call Handling for a Legal Practice

By installing an ESI IP Feature Phone remotely at the attorney's home, you effectively give him the identical access and functionality
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Call Handling for a Legal Practice

The practice of law continues to be more competitive, and more demanding. Correct information is critical, especially when multiple people are working on a research project, co-counsel case, or negotiating a settlement or contract. The more people that are involved increases the chance for the information to become off-point or slightly incorrect. When all team members do not share the same information, the result can be confusion and wasted time. ESI Business Telephone Systems have the solution for you. Jotting down notes can cause pertinent information to be left out. Press the “Record” button on the feature reach ESI Business telephone and capture all the information. This conversation is left as a voice message and can be copied to team member’s mailboxes via the Quick Move feature.

ESI’s VIP solution allows recorded conversations to be archived on your computer as a .wav file. Once converted to a .wav file, the message can be treated as any other email attachment and shared with team members and other interested parties both inside and outside the office. The .wav file can then be transferred to a CD and saved in the client’s file for future reference.

Many attorneys maintain a home office. By installing an ESI IP Feature Phone remotely at the attorney’s home, you effectively give him the identical access and functionality as he has when in the office. With a Virtual Mailbox key programmed on the remote IP phone, the attorney has access to regular mailbox in the office eliminating multiple mailboxes.

Do you want you voice mail to go to your inbox so they can be retrieved on an android phone? ESI Telephone Systems have an add on feature called “Mobile Messaging” Listen to a message on your PC or Smartphone or Play back a message on your PC or Smartphone by simply double-clicking the attachment.

This feature enables you to share messages, forward important messages to interested individuals, even if they’re not on your ESI system.

Choose which messages to handle and how to manage them. If you have numerous messages, you can directly access any message right away. You can manage messages using Web mail from: a home PC or laptop; a personal (or alternate) e-mail account; or a Smartphone. Messages then can be saved to a hard drive or USB flash drive. Up to two e-mail accounts can receive e-mailed notifications of messages.

Another feature of the ESI Telephone System that will document information and the retrieval of records is Account Codes. Account Codes can be entered via the phone’s dial pad make documenting of time spent on phone calls easier for everyone. Up to 10 digits are allowed in the ESI platform’s standard SMDR output to accommodate lengthy file numbers..

Saving money by saving time….Call now for a demonstration of this feature rich Business Telephone System.

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