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Automatic Call Distribution

Would you like a business telephone system with a basic “Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)” that does not require 3rd party software or additional equipment. ESI Communication Servers is the business telephone system that you are looking for.

All of the ESI Communication Servers except for the ESI 50L has a built-in ACD. The ESI IP Server 900 is a pure IP telephone system or VoIP telephone system that requires licenses to activate the built-in ACD.

The ACD report allows supervisors the ability to monitor incoming ACD call statistics; answer time, duration, number of incoming calls answered, total time connected to ACD calls, unanswered and returned to the ACD queue, calls made outside the system. Also listed in the reports are non-ACD calls for each agent. This report shows outgoing calls, number called, and time connected.

The report footer shows:

  • Abandoned calls – ACD calls that disconnected while held in queue
  • Rerouted calls – calls routed out of the queue due to time limits set for the ACD department
  • Average CO queue time – Length of time callers were on hold
  • Max CO queue time – Maximum length of time callers held in queue over a reporting period.

*Note: Calls routed out of the ACD queue to a voice mail or other destinations are not counted as an ACD call.

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